Hi, I'm JAKE, and this is my website!

I'm a happy guy who likes to read comics and talk to people. It's always nice to meet you!

I'm a fan of Batman and my favorite superheroes are him and Nightwing. I enjoy comedy and movies as well and also love to listen to music. I have a nice girlfriend named Anna with whom I like to spend my weekends:

This is us at my favorite Barnes and Noble (she's gonna hate that I'm using this picture but I like it a lot)

I live in Georgia, USA and I'm an avid drinker of my own homeade iced tea. I love little funny dogs like malteses or bichon frises or coton de tulears or toy poodles or maltipoos etc. And I love fitness and bodybuilding even though I myself don't work out as much as I should. All in all I'm a pretty cool guy (I think). This is me: