The Stories of Primate 🙊

Beware: These stories might amaze you so much your brain short-circuits and thinks they're actually garbage.

A Brief Blurb On Each Story

Random Monkey Event

I wrote this story on 2/15/2022 in my homeroom period. It takes place in suburban Georgia, 1969, during the Vietnam war, and it's about these two boys, Jimmy Peanuts and the main character, Gene. Gene's dad is in 'Nam according to him. They decide to go on an adventure in the woods. Did you hear about the gorilla that escaped from the zoo?

Robert the Monkey

I wrote this story on 2/16/2022 in my science class. Essentially, this 13 year old boy gets a new monkey, and he's never had one before, but all his friends have. He'll do anything to have Robert, his new monkey, stay, even if it means coming off as incontinent. I never finished this story.

Why Do I Write Fiction?

So I have this copy of Fight Club, and at the end of the book, there's a new afterword by Chuck Palahniuk. Chuck talks about all the shiatzu that came out of him publishing Fight Club, one of the greatest cult novels that inspired one of the most popular cult movies in the history of time (No, I'm not exaggerating). Well anyways, I was amazed. I want to be like Chuck. I want to write something amazing like Fight Club that inspires one of the greatest movies ever made as decided by the American audience. Why do I write fiction? For the fame and the fortune. And because I like it. There's a lot of stories in my head. Insert Robert-Deniro-Taxi-Driver-I've-got-a-lot-of-bad-ideas-in-my-head.gif. Fiction is for me. Stories are for me. I like fiction because it's art, and the best part about art is that if you're a terrible artist, you can just slap a big label on your masterpiece that says, "THIS IS ABSTRACT, AND IF YOU DON'T GET IT, YOU'RE STUPID AND CLOSED-MINDED!" Not like I'd ever do that. But if you really don't get my writing, you're totally stupid and closed-minded.

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