Holy Stupid Batman!

For starters, I have no idea how I feel about the movie. I don't know if it gets 6.5 jakefaces out of 10, or just a 6, but I'll give it a simple 6 because I don't have a file called "half jakeface.png" to load for 6.5:


It's not fair for me to review this movie since I'm 14 years old and this movie was 100% made for people half my age, but I'm still going to do it. It wasn't half bad, though -- but it was close since it's a 6/10. I've been watching a lot of Teen Titans Go! lately because of my status as a Robin/Nightwing/Batman fan, since Robin (Dick Grayson) is the leader of their team in this kids cartoon, and sometimes they travel to the future and see future-Robin (Nightwing) and I just wanted to see their take on that character, which was great (minus the 90s Nightwing mullet), and spiraled into me watching tons more episodes of this show which I used to love at age 8. Surprisingly, it has its funny moments, and it's really all great if you ignore their weird songs (like the "Upbeat" song they had in the movie, which was just embarrassing to watch in front of my girlfriend), and the raps (the "Mummy Money" rap Beastie Boy does in the episode about pyramid schemes). Unfortunately, those "weird songs" and "cringey raps" are actually very, very catchy. Back in 2020, two years after the movie came out, one of the songs went viral, the "My Superhero Movie" song that Robin sings when he's trying to explain his vision for his own movie. If you don't remember what I'm talking about, it's the song where he goes. "It's my movie, my movie, my superhero movie..." wait, except you won't remember that part, because the only part that went viral was the part where Robin sings, "Picture my booty up in 3D...! I'll shake my booty, in my own movie!" I can't lie and say I didn't burst out laughing at this part. Also, I sang along to the entire song (this was AFTER Anna left my house, so I could enjoy my kids movie without her going, "This is so stupid" every 3 seconds. Love her though). And by the time they sang their "We're the Teen Titans" rap for the second time at the end of the movie, I was kind of getting into that, too. So the songs aren't all bad. They're just embarrassing and not Anna-approved, unfortunately. The whole time I was watching this movie I was AMAZED by the amount of celebrities in the film: Jimmy Kimmel is Batman, Nicholas Cage is Super Man, Halsey is Wonder Woman, Will Arnett is Slade Wilson/Deathstroke, even STAN LEE makes multiple cameos (this is NOT a Marvel movie, obviously), oh, and LIL YACHTY is the Green Lantern. There's others too, like Patton Oswalt as The Atom, and Kristen Bell as "Jade Wilson" (obvious foreshadowing for any actual DC fans watching the movie, but luckily doesn't give anything away to the target audience of little kids). Another thing that blew me away was how this was a movie that was actually IN THEATERS and not a made-for-TV Cartoon Network movie.

Older DC fans (specifically Batman fans like myself) may want to tune into Teen Titans Go! and its movie just for the little Easter eggs everywhere. There's some really good ones. Some of my favorites include the Bat-Mite plushie that Batman has on his couch in the Batcave in the first "TV Knight" episode (all the "TV Knight" episodes are chock-full of great Easter eggs, really) and also the poster of Terry McGinnis' Batman in Nightwing's apartment in Neo Gotham, apparently (this is from the "Sandwich Thief" episode, season two). The TV show is really stuffed with a lot of fun moments, and I give the cheeky cartoon a solid 6.5 jakefaces out of 10.