Jaketakes on the next Battinson movie

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for The Batman

Yes, it's true. The next The Batman movie has officially been greenlit by Warner. Thus far, it's creatively titled The Batman 2, and there's not a lot of plot details available at the moment, but that doesn't stop people from making predictions and hypothesizing what may be delivered. Here are some of my personal thoughts about the next Batman movie.

First of all, there are two obvious things to be addressed. At the end of The Batman, there were two scenes that may have been foreshadowing for the next movie. The first was Selina Kyle announcing she would be relocating to Gotham's siter-city, Bl├╝dhaven. Trust me, I got excited too, but I wasn't approaching the situation logically: the entire premise of Matt Reeves' Batman is that he's young and just getting the hang of the vigilante game. He hasn't even picked up a Robin yet, especially not taken on the responsibility of raising an entire child. So the chances of there being any Nightwing content in the next film are squat; zilch. Unless, of course, the next movie takes place many, many years ahead from The Batman, which could give all us Dick Grayson fans some hope, but I wouldn't count on it.

And the second thing everyone's been talking about is the post-credits scene at Arkham Asylum, where The Riddler makes a friend. Yes, everybody, it's no one else but the Clown Prince of Crime, and there is no doubt that he will play a large role in the next Battinson movie. Perhaps in cahoots with The Riddler, I personally expect for The Joker to go his own way and become frustrated with The Riddler. Nevertheless, I am excited. Who isn't?

In my opinion, in order for the next Batman film to really go above and beyond, there should be some changes with the way Batman and his alter ego Bruce Wayne are portrayed. For starters, I believe Batman should be a better detective. He is, after all, the "World's Greatest", and as I mentioned in my review of The Batman, he doesn't really live up to his title in the first of Reeves' Batman films. I also mentioned that I found Bruce to be too brooding. Yes, I know, that's Batman's whole thing: grim, brooding, he is... The Dark Knight. But Bruce Wayne, on the other hand, is billionaire playboy extraordinaire. And this Bruce Wayne is just kind of... sad.

Oh, and please... no flashbacks of Bruce's parents' death. I get it, I know how important that moment is, I KNOW, I'm a Batman fan, everybody, but don't you just get SICK of watching his parents die EVERY... SINGLE... MOVIE... and nearly EVERY... SINGLE... COMIC...! And don't even get me started on when Bruce hallucinates and sees the Batman shoot his own parents. Like, dude. Overplayed much? I think we've seen that scene at least 5 times.

This is just a personal preference, but I don't like Bane. I still haven't read any of the City of Bane comics because I'm stubborn. I don't know why, I just don't like that character. So I'm crossing my fingers hoping that there's no Bane in this new series of Batman films.

Two things I'd really like to see in this upcoming movie are 1. Batman finding a Robin/Bruce adopting Dick, and 2. more explorating of Bruce and Selina's relationship. And this may be just me, but I always get an itch scratched in my brain when people find out Batman's true identity. So I hope Selina and Bruce get closer and start referring to each other by their civilian names, and I also always like it when Batman reveals himself to Gordon. But I really, really want a new Batman and Robin movie because it's been, like, what, THREE DECADES since the last one?! Although, it might be hard to fit booty shorts and a Boy Wonder into the gritty world of Matt Reeves' and Robert Pattinson's Batman. And when Nightwing comes into play, I don't know how they'll handle his sense of humor in this dark view of Gotham.

Well, that about covers my opinions on the next The Batman movie. Any comments/questions/disagreements? Email me! jadeknight2008@gmail.com