May 27, 2022: 8:15 AM

New blog post. There's a lot of reviews and articles I want to write for the site, but all in due time. I also saw what this site looked like on an iPhone and I'm appalled.

May 19, 2022: 11:13 AM

Another blog post. Don't mind me.

May 18, 2022: 11:00 AM

Added predictions/thoughts about the sequel to The Batman in /ilike/

May 17 2022: 10:56 AM

Added a review of The Batman (2022). It's my worst-written piece yet. Very scattered.

I know it looks like I don't have anything going on in my life, for me to update this site multiple times every hour, but I only really update Primate while I'm at school. I'll have you know, I have many things going on! Many such hobbies!

May 17 2022: 10:17 AM

RIP to my girlfriend's Neocities

May 17 2022: 10:13 AM

New blog post

May 16 2022: 2:25pm

Created log for upd8s

May 16 2022: 2:22pm

I'm trying not to repetitively link ASCII art pages to /fun/, but it's hard...

May 16 2022: 2:10pm

All pages are now functional! - said me, for the first time, ever